We help health care interpreters find work opportunities.

The Interpreter Directory was created by OHCIA, the Oregon Health Care Interpreters Association. It is a searchable directory of Pacific Northwest interpreters who are available for work.

  • Interpreters can join for free
  • Language services organizations can use it to hire contractors
  • Health care organizations can use it to hire employees

Our Purpose

OHCIA wants every person to get the health care they need. It does not matter what language they speak or what country they came from.

The Interpreter Directory was started by OHCIA to help everyone who needs health care who does not speak English. We help interpreters gain credentials and find work opportunities. We also partner with health care organizations to help them bring better care to people who need it most.

Find work more easily.

Interpreters can join the directory, see our list of organizations, and find work for free.

Hire more easily.

Organizations can request membership, choose a pricing plan, and quickly find qualified interpreters for: 

  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Vietnamese
  • Mandarin
  • Farsi
  • Pashto
  • Chuukese
  • and many more

Organizations Using the Interpreter Directory


OHCIA was founded by interpreters.

Interpreters understand the needs of other interpreters. We know that better interpretation means better care. This Interpreter Directory is part of our plan to create a large network of professional interpreters. This will help support our diverse communities, improve interpretation standards, and offer training and accreditation opportunities.

What We Do

The goal of OHCIA's programs is to help health care interpreters improve their skills as well find more work opportunities. 

60-hour health care interpretation training

Continuing education and certification exam prep

Support refugees, immigrants, as well as those seeking asylum, on their paths to becoming accredited interpreters. 

Yearly conferences

Events to help professional development

Scholarship programs for interpreter training

Advisory Group

The OHCIA Interpreter Directory advisory group is people who work in health care —  interpreters, organizations, providers, and plans — working together to support interpreters and our communities.